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This online school with step by step instructional videos is for golfers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, improve every part of your game using the easiest, and most effective golf course ever. Instead of spending lots of money on lessons, become a member of My instructional videos will help you improve quickly and rid yourself of your frustration.

Why do over 90% of all golfers struggle?

Most golfers try to improve on their own and take lessons once in a while. But few people can really teach themselves. During my 25 years of learning from tour players and their teachers, I rarely met a successful golfer who was self-taught. The greatest golfers get massive amounts of help from pros and teachers. You can’t figure that stuff out on your own!

Like you, I started as a struggling golfer but I was able to learn from tour pros and their teachers. (I’ll explain how in a bit.) I personally experienced how quickly you can improve when learning from experts. I became a scratch golfer in less than three years even though I didn’t start playing until I was already a full-time business professional. You, too, can play better golf quickly and I want to help you. On, I have selected the most important and effective swing techniques so you can improve right away.

Why is your current approach not working?

During my 25 years of extensive research on golf instruction, I discovered that most people use a "hodgepodge" method. They take a jumbled mix of approaches to learning. But each one is flawed. You probably use one or more of these approaches yourself. I want to show you why they don't work.

4 common approaches to improving

#1: Experimentation.

Every time you don’t hit a good shot,you try something new.We’ve all done this. You try changing one or two things, big or small, just based on what seems logical. And you hope that doing so will get you closer to your goal. But it doesn’t.

The problem with experimentation is thatjust when you think you stumbled upon something that works, you find it only lasts a few days or even a few holes. It’s always one step forward, two steps backward. You keep searching and searching. You never find consistency and you are always changing your technique. Consistency is essential to improvement!

#2: Endless quick tips and free online tidbits.

Your friends gladly offer you all of the various tips that they just saw on TV and in magazines, or maybe something that temporarily worked for them. And you surf the web to find clips talking about this or that.

The problem with quick tips and free online tidbitsis that they are all over the place! This approach is random. And the random video clips you find online are confusing and even conflicting. You can’t turn these things into a steady routine. You don’t establish any consistency. You never commit to practicing one technique over and over again.

#3: Golf lessons.

Lessons can be great. If you can find an instructor is knowledgeable and communicates well, paying for lessons can be a good idea.

The problem with golf lessonsis that just because the instructor is a good player, this doesn’t mean he can translate his success to you or explain things easily. You’d be surprised at how often I hear someone say, "I took a lesson and it screwed me up!" Choosing the right teacher is hard. And a golf lesson costs around $75 per hour on average. Lessons from the teachers of the tour players will cost between $150 and $300 per hour, if they are even accessible. So lessons become very costly.

#4: Traditional golf schools.

Golf schools can be a great resource of learning. They usually are directed by experienced instructors and normally cover every part of the game.

The problem with traditional golf schoolsis students usually feel there is too much information crammed into a short period of time. You don’t get a chance to practice one thing over and over again. Destination golf schools range in cost from $500 to $3000 depending on the number of days and the location.That’s a lot of money for not a lot of results!

Now wouldn’t it be nice if you could go to a top golf school whenever you have time and without spending too much money?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could focus on just ONE THING at a time so that you are able to make gradual, tangible progress and get into a consistent routine?

Now you can on The instructional videos here will solve the problems I’ve described. I discovered what really works and I want to share this knowledge with you.

How did Jerry figure this out?

I’ve been an advisor to golf businesses since the 1980’s and have worked with the world’s top tour players and their teachers on golf instruction projects.

Thanks to my relationships, I took dozens and dozens of personal lessons from these top teachers and players. I also played golf with some of them. What an incredible experience!

I’ve also spent hundreds of hours inside the ropes at tournaments. I have watched tour players practice and take lessons from their swing coaches. I have listened to their conversations and even joined in! The access I had is available to very few people. And this is how I learned the keys to improving quickly.

What did I learn from the pros?

The tour players stick to a single technique for their swings. (Only very rarely does a pro golfer make major changes to his swing.) So when they hit their shots, each and every one does the same thing: They visualize the shot before they swing, step to the ball, and then execute exactly what they visualize.

Let me repeat this: The pros visualize first, then execute it. This is really important! They don’t try different things out continuously. They don’t constantly change. They see their success before it happens, because they have practiced it literally thousands and thousands of times.

Figuring this out changed my golf game.

I realized that I needed to stop tinkering and tweaking by myself, and instead just learn the perfect swing and practice it thousands of times. If you take one hundred swings but each swing is based on a different tip or a different free video you just found, then you are not practicing correctly. And this is what I am going to stop you from doing!

Then I formed a team to start

We began testing my approach of focusing on one swing technique using the best of what I learned directly from pros. I saw amazing results with amateur golfers, beginner golfers, and even scratch golfers. The formula we developed to achieve golf perfection is simply this:

What you are about to see on this website is the result of hundreds of hours of work that I have done with my team at We interviewed pros, we built a golf training studio so that we can deliver high quality videos to you, we dissected the perfect swing down to every level of detail, and then we built an online course that walks you through every step of the game. And here is the beauty of it: You can watch the same thing over and over again as many times as you want.

You can watch on your computer, your smartphone or your tablet. And you can digest what I teach you in bite sizes, committing each bite to muscle memory. Plus, I will give you the proven techniques to help you practice and progress quickly.

I don’t want you to try 100 different things.I want you to follow my swing instructions over and over again so you can improve quickly.

Is there really a perfect swing? The answer is... positively YES.

Every single tour player has the perfect golf swing. So why don’t all tour players’ swings look the same? Because the part of a swing that is perfect is only during the downswing and only when the hands move from waist high to one foot past the ball. This area of the swing is commonly called the "slot." Tour players all have different ways of getting to that "slot". You will see a variety of grips, stances, postures, takeaways and all kind of loops on their first move down. But once they get into the "slot," all tour players swing through the ball in a very similar way. You need to understand the slot and how to get into it correctly. You need a clear visual. I will give it to you.

I learned how to do it and I’ve become a very good player. But I’m not that special. It’s what I learned from pros that makes me a great golfer. Every golfer should be able to do what I do. Even beginners should have a clear picture of this perfect swing from day one. On, I will show you how easy it really is to execute this perfect swing once you know what to do.

You can do it, too! Simply watch my step-by-step series of video clips in each section. Each video is shot in the HD with an easy to understand explanation of the techniques used by all of the tour players. You will quickly develop the proper image of the perfect swing in your mind’s eye. You will see video angles you have never seen before. I also do swing analysis of many tour players to reinforce the visuals and the information. Once you have the image of the perfect swing, it is easy to execute it.

Discover the difference

Below is a sample sequence of screenshots from our videos. First I explain how to get into the perfect swing slot in detail in the studio . I then show tour player analysis. Lastly, I demonstrate the swing on the range. All the information is simple and easy to understand!

Imagine what it would be like to play great golf.

What would it be like to hit every shot solid and know exactly where the ball is going? What would it be like to step to the tee and feel relaxed, knowing that no matter what happens, you’re going to swing with confidence and hit a good shot? I want to help you get there. If I can get there, you can get there. You can finally eliminate slices, hooks, three putts, choking under pressure and everything else that destroys your love of golf.

It really works. Read what members are saying.

"I saw a commercial on ESPN for and I was very skeptical. But I was tired of hitting the ball all over the place. I said, "What the heck! I’ll give it a try!" Boy, was I surprised. After just watching the first section, I started hitting it solid, long and straight."
Rick G., from Denver, Colorado.
"I’m a total beginner and a friend told me about this site and maybe it would help me get started. I actually watched all of the videos in every section. I started telling my friend what I learned about the swing and how to practice putting and he said I already knew more than he does and he has been playing for 30 years. I think he was jealous so he’ll probably be on there soon."
Jason M. from Columbus, Ohio.
"I love golf but I have been trying to get rid of my slice for years. I tried everything and I mean everything. I couldn’t believe after just the first few videos I already knew what I was doing wrong."
Matthew S. from Long Island, New York.
" has helped me immensely. Jerry gives you the structural basis for the swing: What works, what does't and why. You can go back to his tried and true fundamentals and engrain them in your mind, your subconscious and then your repeatables swing. Thanks Jerry, you're the best!"
Dennis N. from Cleveland, Ohio

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